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Synonyms for ligament

that which unites or binds

Words related to ligament

a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs

any connection or unifying bond

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From the workshop, the participants can learn fundamental ACL concepts and techniques.
Section I is "History, anatomy, and biomechanics" including chapters about natural history of the ACL-deficient knee, anatomy important successful ACL reconstruction, functional importance of the ACL, basic science aspects of ACL.
24 percent stake in ACL Bank and will buy out the remaining shares in ACL Bank, the company said.
ACL may also pose future problems because of its epidemic urban transmission potential (10).
ACL 9 meets global enterprise IT standards, running effectively on enterprise servers and minimizing the impact on system and network performance.
Receiver Junior Taylor, defensive end Nikola Dragovic and Joseph each underwent ACL surgery in the same month, and the three formed a rehab bond.
After reviewing a number of ACL injury-prevention programs from around the world, we combined the best aspects of each and came up with our own.
Another area of concern to researchers is the growing gender difference in ACL injuries.
It was Rose who operated on performance artist Molissa Fenley in 1995 after she tore her ACL and replaced it with a tendon from her hamstring.
Since 1987, ACL technology has helped organizations reduce risk, detect fraud, enhance profitability, and improve business performance.
During Zitting's time at ACL, the organization has won multiple prestigious awards and industry analyst recognition for product innovation, value delivery, and talent development.
Our application of ACL software in public sector audits has been so powerfully effective that it is now an organizational policy and Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
A routine enquiry about a senior executive who has had two terms of employment with ACL was met with a classic Catch-22 response.
This includes the ACL TOP Family of Hemostasis Testing Systems, comprising ACL TOP 700, ACL TOP 700 CTS, ACL TOP 700 LAS, ACL TOP 500 CTS, and ACL TOP 300 CTS analyzers, as well as ACL ELITE/ACL ELITE PRO systems, and the comprehensive and fully automated line of HemosIL reagents
MUSCAT: Al Osool Al Arabia, the authorized distributors for ACL has announced the next training session in September.