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a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues

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The treatment goal of AA amyloidosis is to control the underlying inflammatory disease.
Systemic AA amyloidosis (formerly secondary amyloidosis) is due to tissue deposition of serum amyloid A, which is an acute phase reactant produced by the liver.
Increasing fatal AA amyloidosis in hunting falcons and how to identify the risk: a report from the United Arab Emirates.
In a retrospective study of 19 patients with AL amyloidosis and 20 with AA amyloidosis, which required dialysis and were followed up after approximately 35 months, 15 (79 % ) with AL and 3 patients (15 %) with AA amyloidosis died10.
We strongly believe in KIACTA(TM)'s potential for the treatment of AA amyloidosis, a truly devastating disease, and we look forward to putting our drug development expertise to the service of this product candidate," commented Dr.
She had a diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome, and the reason for her renal failure was diagnosed with rectal biopsy in March 1999 as AA amyloidosis.
Most of our AA amyloidosis cases were classified as classes II, III, and IV, in which glomerular amyloid deposits were more commonly associated with the arteriolar walls.
The histologic diagnosis of AA amyloidosis was made by the demonstration of amyloid deposits by Congo red staining on light microscopy.
Systemic AA amyloidosis is observed in a subset of patients with chronic inflammatory disorders and in a familial form (known as Familial Mediterranean Fever) in which insoluble amyloid deposits accumulate in vital organs (including kidney and liver) leading to organ dysfunction and failure.
A severe autosomal-dominant periodic inflammatory disorder with renal AA amyloidosis and colchicine resistance associated to the MEFV H478Y variant in a Spanish kindred: an unusual familial Mediterranean fever phenotype or another MEFV-associated periodic inflammatory disorder?
Turkey, in common with other countries flanking the Mediterranean basin, is an endemic area of familial Mediterranean fever associated with AA amyloidosis.
Helpful insights can also come from systemic diseases in which amyloid accumulates, such as AA amyloidosis.
Clinically evident renal involvement occurs mainly in AA amyloidosis and AL amyloidosis and is presented as proteinuria or nephrotic syndrome and renal failure.
Eprodisate (KIACTA[TM]; formerly FIBRILLEX[TM]) is currently being developed for the treatment of AA amyloidosis, and is under regulatory review for marketing approval by the U.
23) In addition to the Congo red score, Hazenberg and colleagues (23) have also developed the quantitative assessment of amyloid in fat in AA amyloidosis using an ELISA method.