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involving deductive reasoning from a general principle to a necessary effect

based on hypothesis or theory rather than experiment

derived by logic, without observed facts


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Low-bias (also called knowledge-lean [20]) approaches try to remedy these problems by not using a-priori knowledge on the language to process.
Drawn from the model our a-priori expectations or the expected behaviour of the independent variables on the dependent variable were: [FoS.
To relax this condition we resort to nonnegative definite Lyapunov functional to obtain the a-priori bound on all possible T -periodic solutions of Eqn.
All common a-priori estimates of the solution (u, p) depend on L; therefore, we now want to elucidate the domain dependency of L.
As a result, classifications performed by different experts are not available and an analysis of concordance for such a-priori labels was not conducted.
De fait un a-priori parcourt le volume: il existerait une culture francaise homogene et une norme "nationale" de la sociabilite privee, de la pratique religieuse, de la nuptialite, que les immigres devraient un jour le plus proche possible, adopter pour etre dits integres, assimiles, "francais" en un mot.
Our "realism," for such agnostic piety, cannot be instructed by a Christian doctrine of sin or the Fall, nor can God's purposes serve as a-priori warrants for the basic claims of justice.
Multi-scale Networks Reconstruction from Gene-expression Measurements: Correlations, Perturbations and a-priori Biological Knowledge
With the resulting, unifying knowledge base, the aim is to identify pathways for the design and fabrication of a new class of intrinsically icephobic surfaces, based on their a-priori engineered composition and texture.
To verify the validity of the model, two major evaluation criteria were used: (i) the a-priori expectation criteria which is based on the signs and magnitude of the co-efficients of the variables under investigation; and (ii) statistical criteria which is based on statistical theory, which in other words is referred to as the First Order Least Square test consisting of R-square ([R.
In the latter work, an ANN is used to classify five fundamental types of signals: VT events, regional (RE) events, LP events, hybrid (HB) events and Rockfalls (ROC); autocorrelation functions, high order statistical moments and amplitude ratios are introduced as features to the input nodes; a mismatch rate of 30% is reported, which was reduced up to 20% after a manual revision of the original a-priori classification.
Therefore, a-priori estimates of the approximation of fine level functions by coarse level function are important to guide the design of robust AMG methods, cf.