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the top layer of a soil profile


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Since the sites in the Wang Wauk catchment had the shallowest A-horizon, and thus lowest storage, this could further explain the higher runoff generation from the sites in this catchment.
Once the upper part of the A-horizon was saturated, a combination of saturation excess and infiltration excess runoff occurred.
This site lies in the heart of the former marsh, in the area with the greatest original A-horizon thickness.
In the topsoil moder changes into raw humus (Orm) and in the sour A-horizon As eluviation begins by podzolization: AsEp (not so clearly visible in the photo).
8, which can be used to explain the relict character of the Lessive horizons in our region: under the covering layer of raw-humus-like moder (Omr) the sour A-horizon is weakly podzolized--As(Ep), which is difficult to recognize in the illustration.
On sites where Late Pleistocene till has an especially high silt content, Chernozems with a deep A-horizon and relics of past animal burrowing (Russ.
The plant humus of both ground litter and of the recently formed A-horizon are similar.
In parallel with the completion of the perfect forest floor, a brownish black (10YR2/2) A-horizon with a thickness of 9.
The overwhelming majority of such differences were revealed for the A-horizon.
55 cm, respectively), the solum proved accumulative at the expense of silt in the A-horizon and silt and clay in the Bw-horizon altogether by 14% of initial sandstone (Table 5).
Humus composition in the percentages of organic carbon Characteristic A-horizon Bw-horizon Thickness, cm 8 2 Bulk density, Mg [m.
Only at G-8 the A-horizon structure is crumb over a massive E-horizon.
All profiles have a hard setting A-horizon and a pedal, mottled B-horizon (first digit 3 or 2 in Northcote's classification, depending on which subdivision they are in).
5 cm %C, pH, and P retention, and A-horizon total C, total N, exchangeable Ca, and A-horizon thickness were plotted.
A-horizon C values were overestimated on the Kirkliston Range, and underestimated on the Benmore Range, and even more so on Molesworth Station, as was A-horizon N.