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Synonyms for grave accent

a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation


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Nicholas road, was a grave, and it had a tragic story.
We raised the boy, and made him such as few others were like, on the frontiers of America; and we have given him a grave.
Pickwick, on hearing this determination, descended to the drawing-room, where sat a grave man, who started up on his entrance, and said, with an air of profound respect:--
By the side of this stone, which was a simple slab at the head of a grave, stood a rich monument, decorated with an urn and ornamented with the chisel.
Here's a grave I didn't see before -- this one in the iron railing -- oh, girls, look, see -- the stone says it's the grave of a middy who was killed in the fight between the Shannon and the Chesapeake.
There was a grave, furrowed brow surmounting that portentous gaze, a brown tweed cap set far back on the perspiring head.
Thus Chanticleer was left alone with his dead Partlet; and having dug a grave for her, he laid her in it, and made a little hillock over her.