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Kindergartner Halee Cellini was the first to lean over the side and drop a frog onto the assistant principal.
But according to Calaveras frog catcher Rod Dwelley, it's the call of the wild that really sets a frog to hopping.
A shelf made by Willis' father is covered with tiny frogs, while the newest addition, a frog lamp, sits on her piano.
We don't recommend this, but scientists can find out if a frog is poisonous by touching the tip of their tongues to the backs of frogs," explains Grant.
Those researchers used the amphibian equivalent of a lab mouse, a frog native to South Africa.
To harvest the toxin, hunters catch and kill a frog, then roast it over fire until the skin sweats tiny drops of poison.
A frog in Anhui Province in China warbles and flutes with so much versatility that researchers, upon first heating it, couldn't believe it was what it is.
Instead, the scientists found, a frog obtains these skin compounds by ingesting arthropods that contain them.
Asked to think of an animal that can fly, most people don't picture a frog.
A frog can sense a sound's direction from the way the two waves then interfere, because the exact interference pattern depends the angle between the frog and the sound source.