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Bangalore, March 21 (ANI): A statue of one- time world famous comedian Charlie Chaplin has become a bone of contention between artistes and radical hindu activists in Karnataka.
But the 75-foot bridge has also long been a bone of contention between ``mountain'' club homeowners around the lake and the hundreds of ``lakeside'' homeowners in the mountains south of it.
Birstein and his colleagues raise a bone of contention by arguing that high demand has prompted unscrupulous suppliers to mix eggs of inferior species with those of finer caviar.
Your last will and testament need not be a bone of contention.
Instant Messaging, first highlighted in the popular movie "You've Got Mail" and now in the news as a bone of contention between AOL and Microsoft, has great potential in corporate applications, says Ferris Research, a market research firm that specializes in advising IT management on messaging and collaborative applications.