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But Ned Land had disentangled the Captain, who, getting up without any wound, went straight to the Indian, quickly cut the cord which held him to his stone, took him in his arms, and, with a sharp blow of his heel, mounted to the surface.
But at the first word the young woman started, and exclaimed in a sharp, bantering tone.
There was a sharp turn at every twenty or thirty yards, and at each turn a novel effect.
From this state he was awakened -- ages later, it seemed to him -- by the pain of a sharp pressure upon his throat, followed by a sense of suffocation.
The Victoria, which was skimming along the tops of immense forests, soon came to a sharp halt.
It was a slap rather than a blow, but the woman gave a sharp cry and cowered up against the barrow with her hand to her cheek.
He was a sharp satirist, but with more railing and scoffery than became a poet-laureate,"* said one.