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the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition


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employee of a transportation company who controls the departures of vehicles according to weather conditions and in the interest of efficient service

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I still was on hold for the 911 operator when I spotted an 18-wheeler down the road.
If it's an emergency, the agent will conference in the local 911 Operator while also providing support such as notifying family members.
Most terrifying, he says, was his mother's cries and pleas to the 911 operator to send an ambulance.
As she was telling the 911 operator the license plate number of the car, a stranger emerged from her residence and physically engaged her.
The 911 operator told me to place my cellphone next to me while I talked with my client on my office landline.
Much of the time, VoIP works just like standard phone service when it comes to the 911 operator instantly learning the location of the caller.
PREMIERE LA 911 operator Halle Berry (above) seized by panic on a call from abducted teen Abigail Breslin.
38 caliber revolver and told the 911 operator that she believed one of the intruders had successfully gained entry to the house.
He told the 911 operator, who struggled to locate the farm: "Come on.
Sanchez proceeded to pick up the phone and tell the 911 operator that he had killed three people and was about to kill himself; authorities say the dispatcher heard a single gunshot and then silence.
When the user places an emergency call, the companies technologies work together to seamlessly and automatically provide the caller s location information to the 911 operator at the geographically appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), ensuring that emergency personnel can quickly and accurately respond.
She literally has the little girl on the steering wheel," the New York Daily News quoted the caller, as telling the 911 operator.
Paul immediately dialed 911 on his cell phone and explained the emergency to the 911 operator.
The terrified woman relayed details to the 911 operator as she heard screaming from outside, her husband's voice issuing a warning that he was armed with a gun, then glass breaking and a single shot being fired as her husband fatally wounded the intruder with a shot to the head.
The 911 operator asks if Martin is "white, black or Hispanic" and Zimmerman replies "he looks black.