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Synonyms for eighty-six

being six more than eighty


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AFTER ARGENTINE soccer legend Diego Maradona was 86ed from the 1994 World Cup finals for failing a drug test (eventually costing his team the championship), Charly reached out to him, writing a special song called "Maradona's Blues," which he sang to him over the phone.
Featured Bands at the day long festival include: 3 Days Down, 86ed, Arms of the Sun, Betsy, Blackstone, bit o jane, Causal Alien, Chaos Lace, Chula Hoop, Cousins of the Wize, D6, Danny Rhodes and the Messengers, Della Street, Diesel Dawgs, Echo Train, Fluid Drive, Friggin' Harvey's, Fused, Gary Siler, Groovetribe, Gun Hill Road, Haze, Horticulture, Idle Bind, Inda Eaton, Jeff Jones & Mosaic, Lockwood Jr.
Jose Noro told me that he went to visit David in Belgium and David was 86ed from every bar they tried to go to.