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I guarantee we will have things running smoothly in 60 minutes or less," said Josh Kelly, of Parker & Sons.
Only 5 percent of Arkansas workers had commutes of 60 minutes or longer.
Thank You 60 Minutes This group has a different take on the '60 Minutes' segment; the completely opposite reaction.
The Jordanian cabinet earlier decided to adopt switching to wintertime by delaying clocks 60 minutes as of the last Friday of October each year, while switching to summertime by moving forward the clock 60 minutes as of the midnight of the last Thursday of March each year.
DO A YOGA DVD (60 MINUTES = 160 CALORIES) and relax reading a book (135 minuts =191 calories) TOTAL: 351 CALORIES GO FOR A MODERATE-PACED RUN (6MPH) 33 minutes = 350 calories DO A BODY-PUMP CLASS 60 minutes = 350 calories GO FOR AN INTENSE DANCE CLASS 48 minutes = 351 calories
Whatever the programme's shortcomings - and it's come in for its share of criticism - getting the 60 Minutes treatment is pretty much the US equivalent of a Knighthood for all those punters involved in pursuing the case.
THE North's newest transport supremo last night laid down a one-hour challenge - saying it should take no more than 60 minutes for any bus or car journey from one point within the "city region" to another.
The companies said that this content would be available in autumn 2006 when 60 MINUTES begins its 39th season.
NLimit TV, computer and video game time to 60 minutes per day.
As The Wall Street Journal subsequently revealed, Wallace had not disclosed that: 1) CBS promised Wigand that the interview would not be aired without his permission; 2) he had previously been paid $12,000 as a consultant for help on an earlier 60 Minutes report; 3) CBS had agreed to indemnify him against any libel action resulting from the broadcast; and 4) CBS had refused Wigand's request to indemnify him against any legal action against him based upon his breach of contract with Brown & Williamson.
The length of the adult sessions are 60 minutes, and for the children's sessions 45-60 minutes (Amtmann, Berry & Spath, 2003).
Repairs that used to require eight hours are now completed in just 60 minutes using Sauereisen's 60-Minute Solution for restoration and protection of manholes.
Before his death Harry Reasoner interviewed a winsome prostitute on 60 Minutes.
Mean hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG) was 18 mm Hg; HVPG increased to 22 mm Hg at 30 minutes after a meal and 21 mm Hg at 60 minutes after a meal.
TELL ME A STORY Fifty Years and 60 Minutes in Television BY DON HEWITT PUBLICAFFAIRS 2001, 255 PAGES, $26.