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a subversive group that supports the enemy and engages in espionage or sabotage

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Issue 15: Anniversary allows City of Heroes to come to life with more in-depth gameplay experiences and storytelling options as it marks the revival of The 5th Column, the most popular villain group, through 10 new action-packed missions.
The expansion includes the villain group, the 5th Column, taken over by the mysterious Council in a war that will sweep through most of Paragon City's(TM) zones.
Though both the Council and 5th Column soldiers are in pitched battle with each other, with little provocation they will turn their fury against Paragon City's citizens and protectors.
net/), Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly thanks the more than 17,000 individuals who responded to his May 5th column about malaria prevention with over $1.
0221" in the 5th column, "Accumulated Undistributed Net Investment Income/Share(c)", as originally issued inadvertently.