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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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In a pattern that would repeat itself throughout the decade, computer techies spat out new chips that made the 486 obsolete in a hurry.
Misoprostol is a prostaglandin sometimes used in conjunction with RU 486.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) might propose limiting use of RU 486 to women 18 or older.
c) RU 486/PG: Increases Severity Of Adverse RU 486 Effects And Presents Separate Complications
b) Children Born After Exposure To RU 486 And/Or Misoprostol
Texas Instruments is backing up its decision with market research that shows the 486 as the dominant chip through the end of '95.
NEC, Intel's second biggest customer worldwide, also maintains that 486 technology is still viable through the end of the year.
For example, 64% of very small CPA firms were using 486 laptop computers, compared with only 54% of large firms.
Smaller firms (those with 5 or fewer professionals) and those with 51 or more were about equally invested in 486s.
Computers with 386 and 486 chips can handle data bundles that contain 16 bits of information.
Officials at the council say they will begin conducting clinical trials of RU 486, a step necessary to gaining Food and Drug Administration approval.
Nobody really knows how RU 486 prevents pregnancy, says lead researcher Anna Glasier of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.
In total, the Company currently operates 486 stores in 43 states.
The components that don't work get sold for scrap or traded in for faster 486 processors.
1 or higher, 33-megahertz 486 or Pentium processor recommended, CD-ROM and sound card and SVGA monitor, or Macintosh system 7.