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a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) might propose limiting use of RU 486 to women 18 or older.
b) Children Born After Exposure To RU 486 And/Or Misoprostol
NEC, Intel's second biggest customer worldwide, also maintains that 486 technology is still viable through the end of the year.
Smaller firms (those with 5 or fewer professionals) and those with 51 or more were about equally invested in 486s.
This is not to say that RU 486 will replace abortion services as we know them or that all women will choose to use RU 486.
They are very unhappy about the National Abortion Rights Action League's glib pronouncements on the virtues of RU 486.
The nonabortifacient applications of RU 486 are the antichoice forces' Achilles heel.
Thus, Intel offers a 486 to Pentium upgrade solution analogous to the Cyrix 386 to 486 upgrade.
It will be selling at a premium price and the Pentium will probably be deeply discounted, as the 486 is today.
Roussel had been reluctant to bring RU 486 to the United States because of opposition by the antiabortion movement.
These new, lightweight and powerful 486 notebooks are premium machines at prices ranging from $1,995 to $2,695.
scientists from conducting research into non-abortion uses of RU 486 that could make it a boon to millions of Americans.
Thus, a copy of STAR licensed for use with a 386 system will now also operate on a 486 processor if the user decides to upgrade the CPU.
The controversial drug RU 486 made headlines several years ago for its ability to induce abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy.
On October 28, the French Minister of Health ordered the company to resume distribution of RU 486 "in the interest of public health.