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Synonyms for 43rd

the ordinal number of forty-three in counting order


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NLEX governor Ramoncito Fernandez was supposed to be the chairman for the 43rd season by virtue of him serving as the league's vice chair last season.
Scott Bell is descended from a member of the 43rd Mississippi Volunteer Infantry of the Confederate States of America.
The meeting discussed the agenda and ways to run the proceedings of the 43rd session of the National Assembly.
Fatemi appreciated the arrangements of Government of Uzbekistan to host the 43rd Session of OIC, Council of Foreign Ministers.
Deputy Commander Bigham said the 43rd fleet of Iran's Navy started its mission with message of peace and friendship adding "Iran and Pakistan enjoy excellent diplomatic relations and the presence of the Iranian fleet in Karachi aims to further strengthen political and military ties between the two sides.
Nine-year-old Daniel Frost of the 43rd Crosland Moor Scout Group won the annual Huddersfield |SW District draughts competition at Marsden Scout HQ
Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza extended thanks to the wise leadership, on Bahrain's 43rd National Day, the success of the parliamentary and municipal elections, the formation of the Cabinet, the opening of the 1st session of the 4th legislative term.
In education, we moved from embracing quantity to embracing quality, our Emiratisation plans are going as scheduled, and we proactively interact with the digital world and its practical manifestations,'' Shaikh Mohammad said in a statement to Dira'a Al Watan magazine to mark the 43rd National Day.
Officers of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and some citizens congratulated UAE police officers and personnel at Al Darah border checkpoint on the occasion of the UAE 43rd National Day.
The Emirates Group celebrated the UAE's 43rd National Day today with a variety of activities at its headquarters in Dubai.
Dubai: His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has called upon the public and his followers on social media networks to nominate first 43 top position holders in the UAE in various fields, to honour them during the UAE's 43rd National Day anniversary celebrations.
Bulgariaas 43rd National Assembly is to hold its first sitting at 2 pm on Monday.
Computer Services added that this dividend dividend marks its 43rd consecutive year of increasing its cash dividend and represents an indicated annual dividend rate of USD0.
Butte to Butte runners will start at East 43rd Avenue and Donald Street before heading south on Donald to Fox Hollow Road.