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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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ASUS DRW-1612BL disc burning speeds: 16X DVD+R / 8X DVD + Double Layer (DL) / 6X DVD-RW / 8X DVD+RW / 16X DVD-ROM / 48X CR-R / 32X CD-RW / 40X CD-ROM / 12X DVD RAM.
The CenDyne Lightning 24X10X40X drive provides 24X CD-R write, 10X CD-RW rewrite and 40X CD-ROM read speeds and comes with music management and recording software that makes burning MP3 files fast and easy.
The new Addonics Mobile DVD/CDRW drive combo offers value and performance with its 16x DVD player, 32x write/12x rewrite CDRW burner, and 40x CD-ROM speeds.
Oak's OTI-9796 controller is capable of 20X CD-R and 20X CD-RW write speeds as well as 40X CD-ROM read speeds.
The CenDyne Arsion portable CD-RW drive provides super-fast speeds: 40X CD-R write, 12X CD-RW rewrite and 40X CD-ROM read.
The eTower 600is features an Intel Celeron 600 MHz processor with 128KB L2 cache, 32MB memory, 40x CD-ROM drive, 10GB hard drive, floppy drive, 56 ITU V.
0 GB hard drive, 40x CD-ROM, CD-RW drive, 8MB nVidia graphics card and a 56k modem.
To address the need to keep things simple, the id 100 Personal CD Library(TM) offers a powerful "all-in-one" package that is housed in a small footprint and includes two 40x CD-ROM drives, file management software for the Apple Mac, and the ability to upgrade to DVD.