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someone other than the principals who are involved in a transaction

a political party organized in opposition to the major parties in a two-party system

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It is not supported by the Exchange Backup API, and the 3rd-party brick-level backup methods are too slow to be practical.
Intertek has accredited laboratories throughout North America, Europe, and Asia and will continue to conduct 3rd-party ENERGY STAR([R])testing for manufacturers across the range of product categories.
The Web tool comes with an extensive AJAX API set for 3rd-party integration.
Additionally, Evolution LCMS can serve as a target allowing AICC and SCORM content created in any 3rd-party tool to be automatically published to Evolution LCMS.
The company focuses on the generation of zero-emissions electricity by developing internal and 3rd-party renewable energy projects that employ industry-leading thermal energy technologies, including Kalina(R) -- a patented breakthrough thermal power cycle technology.
Volantis Mobile Content Storefront(TM) is open, flexible and integrates with in-house or 3rd-party billing systems, content management systems, databases and content feeds, download servers, authentication systems, subscriber management systems, business rule engines and brokered content and storefronts.
When you combine the many built-in advantages of the Mac OS with some of the excellent 3rd-party business applications, like those showcased in our booth, you really have the best small business solution on the market.