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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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As more detailed and realistic 3D images are created, the number of polygons required to represent each image increases at a dramatic rate.
The potential use cases for NU3000 are enormous, spanning mobile, consumer, home entertainment and more, opening up these markets to the untapped potential of 3D image and vision processing.
Most conventional 3D image recognition systems require either special sensors or special optical-light sources to calculate the object's depth (i.
One of the goals of the new 3D Imaging R&D contract will be to extend this proprietary software to gigahertz (GHz) per pixel processing speed, versus the kilohertz (KHz) per pixel processing currently available, to support the rapid build-up of 3D images.
We know that surgeons who focus on facial procedures also need precise and accurate 3D image capture, in a compact and easy-to-use package," said Paul Moffett, Co-founder and Director of Engineering for Axis Three.
Blu-ray Disc: Using the optical disc technology developed by Panasonic over many years, and the authoring technology developed by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL), it has been possible to record 3D images -- consisting of respective left and right 1080p full HD images - onto a single, standard Blu-ray Disc.
This first book on processing and analysis of 3D images of materials structures describes how to develop and apply efficient and versatile tools for geometric analysis and contains a detailed description of the basics of 3D image analysis.
When a Microsoft Windows XP user without Java reaches a Web page displaying a Kaon 3D image, the user's browser automatically retrieves the .
NYSE: MC), best known by its Panasonic brand name, will begin a service agreement with the Graphic Gems 3D Image Hosting service on the Japanese version of its website.
Richard Ohlendorf, President of Orphan Technologies, explained, "we have been successfully collaborating with 3D Image Technology's 3D Processing Center for the past several years.
TDIT also announced today that in its continued streamlining of operational costs the Company will close its 3D photoprocessing facility in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3D Image Technology B.
Siemens, the global electrical engineering and electronics company, exclusively licensed 3D image acquisition technology for cosmetic surgery and other applications to Axis Three and will provide support and assistance in developing the advanced 3D scanning system.
The software includes voxel-based 3D filters for use with 3D volumetric, time-lapse and other 3D image sets.
3D Image Technology, vice president, Bruce Herstowski stated, "This is just the beginning of the emergence of the Chinese 3D photographic industry.