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photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

the drawings and photographs in the layout of a book

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We are pleased to announce the industry's most advanced 3D graphics integrated chipsets," said Frank Lin, President and CEO of Trident Microsystems.
The power, density, and performance capabilities of the MoSys 1T-SRAM enables NexusChips to offer leading features including stereoscopic 3D graphics with world-beating performance at more than 20 frames/second of sustained frame rate," said HK Kim, president and CEO of NexusChips.
3D graphics capability will grow in importance as the mobile gaming industry's growth accelerates.
The technology can be used in any application that benefits from 3D graphics, from games to navigation and instrumentation displays.
Java games, map visualizations, user interfaces and animated messages all benefit enormously from 3D graphics, giving our customers more options for bringing highly attractive content to consumers.
3Dsolve's simulation learning products use realistic, interactive 3D graphics, based upon industry standards, enabling users to learn by doing.
Bitboys is delighted to see a standard 3D graphics API becoming available which will be supported by our Acceleon(TM) family of graphics processors, designed for embedded and handheld devices.
We selected the Gamebryo 3D graphics toolkit because of its impressive track record and its ability to allow our artists and engineers the flexibility to create a title that has its own look and feel.
Recently 3D graphics have developed at a blistering pace, and Infineon has played a pivotal role in these advances.
Steve Carter, Director of R&D for SSI, stated, "Our recent development focus has been on the deployment of sophisticated 3D graphics over networks, including the Internet, for display on one or more remote clients.
Intergraph Computer Systems' (Huntsville, AL) businesses reflect its core competencies of Windows NT expertise, systems engineering, systems integration, world-class service and support, and 3D graphics technology.
Intense3D(R) today announced that they have teamed with Sun Microsystems to develop powerful 3D graphics technology for use as a key component of the new Sun(TM) Expert3D graphics.
The new inca product line integrates live streaming video with real-time 3D graphics to create full-featured virtual sets for Internet broadcasts.
Developers using Linux desktop systems equipped with the new graphics sub-system will be able to utilize the depth of the OpenGL graphics application programming interface (API) to create professional quality 2D and 3D graphics applications.