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Synonyms for stereoscopy

three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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Game players are able to enjoy realistic and seamless 3D experience without 3D glasses at anytime everywhere.
The detailed illustrations are pretty muddy and lacklustre without the 3D glasses, of course, but put them on and the effect is simply stunning - I defy anyone not to reach out to the page when they look at it because the depth is breathtaking.
A key component of the research involves placing moving targets within the visual field of the mantis, and as a first approach, the researchers attached a pair of 3D glasses - the world's tiniest - using beeswax to the mantis.
Compatible with standard polarized 3D glasses and future proof to the rapidly evolving 3D market.
ATTACH TOKEN HERE Box for official use only HOW TO CLAIM TO claim your free 3D posters (40cm x 50cm ) and 3D glasses, collect two out of the three tokens we've printed.
Free Galaxy S 111 (16GB) plus six 3D glasses worth Dh2.
The 3D glasses fitter adopts the latest facial animation technology of MotionPortrait.
The passive 3D glasses offer an enthralling viewing experience as they ensure that the light from each eye is blocked, creating the illusion of depth.
With the successful launch of the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative licensing program, a test center has been slated to open later this month, which will verify the compliance of any products manufactured under the new Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative license program - within the Initiative's specifications.
Toshiba will start selling its first glasses-free 3D laptop later this month for US$1,699 to free viewers from the awkwardness of wearing 3D glasses to view multimedia content, the company said yesterday.
Greater comfort for the eyes, comfortable 3D glasses, brighter 3D picture, flexible viewing positions and wide viewing angle.
London, May 14 (ANI): Recently released photographs shown in a BBC documentary 'Operation Crossbow' have revealed how 3D glasses like those in modern cinemas helped British intelligence saved the country from Nazi's deadly missiles.
An external 3D signal emitter (PK-EM1) syncs the projected image with JVC's active shutter 3D glasses (PK-AG1).
Potential applications include shutter lenses in active 3D glasses and screen-sized polarization modulators to be placed in front of a display entailing the use of passive 3D glasses.
Soccer fans donned 3D glasses yesterday as 1,000 pubs across the country screened their first-ever 3D match.