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a year that is not a leap year


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When creating Design Your Business in 365 Days, our aim was to create a tool built on knowledge, that would increase productivity, and encourage goal-setting and accomplishment.
While SMO Karren hospital Dr Uzma Asghar Sheikh is enjoying 1825 days leave from January 2013, MO Rawalpindi Tahira Sadiq is on leave for 365 days from January 2013, MO Rawalpindi Dr Nafees Akhtar for 760 days from March 2013 and Senior Medical Officer Karachi Dr M Tayyab is on leave for 365 days from March 2013.
Bullough during the first 365 days of TBI, excerpts of memories of his son from the past, brief summaries of medical information, and entries from CaringBridge, a Web site created by Mission Hospital providing patient progress updates to families and friends of critically ill patients.
I was thinking about how well this process worked and came up with an idea to push the 365 day a year Green Book to the next step.
He should love you 365 days out of the year," People magazine quoted her as saying.
In upholding the first part of the complaint, the ASA said: "We concluded that, without qualification to make clear that a skeleton service operated at weekends and on public holidays, the claim 'Home Care is there for you 365 days a year' could mislead.
With assistance from the Japan Poison Information Center, the company will respond to inquiries from medical professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
With 365 photographs paired with ancestral aphorisms and reflections by leading African personalities, from Senegalese poet Leopold Sedar Senghor to Nelson Mandela, African Wisdom 365 Days opens a window onto Africa's exemplary teachings and inherited wisdom.
Parents ready to pull their hair out if they hear "Mom, I'm bored" one more time this summer may find a lifesaver in Catholic Traditions in the Home and Classroom: 365 Days to Celebrate a Catholic Year (Our Sunday Visitor).
The ITC is the only trade building that caters to the toy and related industries 365 days a year.
The mission is the airborne delivery of personnel, equipment and supplies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in peacetime and war.
Customers said that they were misled about the expiry date on FastFone prepaid call credits - which changed from 365 days to between 40 and 200 days on 3 September 2001.
EFTPS-OnLie also allows individual taxpayers to schedule payments up to 365 days in advance.
Her bestsellers are Women (and Men) of the African Ark (Pomegranate, Men, ISBN 0-764-90885-5) and 365 days of Black History (African American Greetings, ISBN 0-764-91553-3).