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the last day of the year

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15am on Wednesday 31st December at West Road Crematorium, Newcastle.
Shareholders approved the re-appointment of Deloitte & Touche as CBI's external auditors for the financial year ended 31st December 2013.
Cinderella runs from 28th November - 31st December.
In line with the Company's capital management initiatives, the on market share buy-back program continued and a further 1,228,724 shares were acquired and canceled for a total outlay of A$2,484,697 in the six months ended 31st December, 2010.
Boorman, who will be riding a BMW F650 GS Dakar, will depart from Lisbon with the other competitors on the 31st December and if he is in the lucky 40 per cent who finish the event he will line up on the beach in Dakar on January 15th.
It's even open between Christmas and New Year (29th, 30th and 31st December with adjusted opening hours).
Market size is numbers of subscribers at 31st December to residential home, mobile phone users and businesses.
Mahindra CIE Automotive declared that the Hon'ble Company Law Board, New Delhi Bench, through its order dated October 15, 2015, permitted the Petition filed by the Company, pursuant to Section 2(41) of the Companies Act, 2013, for change in the Financial Year of the Company from 01st April to 31st March (Both days inclusive) to 1st January to 31st December (Both days inclusive) every year.
to 31st December 2014, taking the net asset value (NAV) per ordinary
According to new schedule, the papers earlier scheduled for 22nd December will now be held today (12th January), similarly the papers postponed on 23rd, 24th, 26th , 29th to 31st December, 2nd January, 5th to 7th January will now be held consecutively on 13th to 16th January, 19th to 23rd January and 26th January, 2015.
Please meet for service at Whitley Bay Cemetery Chapel on Wednesday 31st December at 11.
Mary''s Church, Morpeth on Wednesday 31st December at 10.
Coventry Telegraph Edition Monday 22nd December Tuesday 23rd December Wednesday 24th December Friday 26th December Saturday 27th December Monday 29th December Tuesday 30th December Wednesday 31st December Thursday 1st January Friday 2nd January Saturday 3rd January Deadline 3pm on Friday 19th December 3pm on Monday 22nd December 12 noon on Tuesday 23rd December 3pm on Tuesday 23rd December 3pm on Tuesday 23rd December 10am on Wednesday 24th December 3pm on Monday 29th December 3pm on Tuesday 30th December 5pm on Tuesday 30th December 11am on Wednesday 31st December 3pm on Friday 2nd January Hinckley Times 25th December 3pm on Friday 19th December Hinckley Times 1st January 11am on Monday 29th December Nuneaton Tribune 1st January 11am on Monday 29th December
An Garda Siochana propose to dispose of the following vehicles listed below in whatever manner the Commissioner directs on or after the 31st December, 2014 00 MO 3234 96 C 13750 01 D 11433 00 C 35983 DY58 UMV 02 C 27822 00 C 3273 01 TS 4037 05 D 41024 02 C 18395 03 C 4681 07 D 8716 03 D 26554 03 WX 6485 01 D 65483 01 KE 9427 00 CE 6367 04 C 12941 02 D 73341 02 C 13925 98 D 15262 06 LD 449 02 D 64353 96 C 16388 97 D 19686 00 C 6739 02 C 17168 04 C 877 YT10 VTW 00 C 10970 97 C 24778 06 LH 3195 03 C 7892 02 C 9135 01 LK 5445 02 LK 3952 01 C 17424 97 C 17223 92 C 6797 08 C 17675 03 D 28939 99 C 6948 00 C 27623 99 C 17361
Boys born on and after 1st January, 1996 to 31st December, 1999 are eligible to take part in the Youth Olympics team's trials.