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There are 5,098 Security Forces personnel reported as disappeared during the 30 year war according to the convenor of the Dead and Missing Persons' Parents Association although complaints received by the Commission is below this figure.
Although their album Rewind The Film, released this week, is a meditation on middle-age the former firebrands bare their political teeth on closing track 30 Year War.
It's filled with self-doubt and the creep of mortality, but there's a song on there called 30 Year War, which is one of the easiest songs we've ever written," he adds, referring to the song inspired by the politics of Margaret Thatcher, not, as they're keen to stress, by her death earlier this year.
The police said that the Tamils are all residents of the northern town of Jaffna which was affected by the 30 year war between Tamil Tiger rebels and the Sri Lankan army.
Although he peremptorily claims: "We are the best fighters in the Horn of Africa; the Sudan is not a country that can destroy us", it is clear that Eritrea, which just emerged out of a 30 year war of independence cannot afford a new conflict.