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an optical device for viewing stereoscopic photographs

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Andy Tait, Business Development Director of Superscape VR plc added, "Undoubtedly the Web is going to go 3-D with products such as our 3-D viewer, Viscape, and the speed of the processor will become an increasingly important issue as users demand high-speed interaction with complex, ever-more realistic environments.
The Superscape 3-D Viewer is a fully compatible plug-in application to Netscape Navigator, the most popular browser for navigating the Internet.
Many cool accessories like stylish 3-D glasses and photo greeting cards with 3-D viewers make Photo3-D a perfect add-on gift for anyone who wants a digital camera this year, or is looking for something new to enhance their existing digital camera.
The 303 Kit also includes the Photo3-D T100 mini-tripod/hand-held pistol grip used with the attachment to take photos, as well as three high-quality paper 3-D glasses, five paper 3-D viewers, and a 3-D Greetings(TM) card with built-in 3-D viewer for sending your favorite 3-D photo to friends or family.
The speed of 3-D viewers or browsers is determined by the rate at which virtual "scenes" change on screen based on the actions or changes in the viewpoint of the user.
By extending and enhancing the powerful capabilities of viewers which are based on VRML, Superscape was able to develop VisNet to be on average five to 10 times faster than the first generation 3-D viewers.
The closing, to be completed by April, 1996, will shift manufacturing of toys such a View-Master(R) 3-D viewers and Magna Doodle(R) drawing toys for the European market to Tyco's facilities in Portland, Oregon and contract facilities in the Far East.