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Synonyms for 3-D

a movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance

having a three-dimensional form or appearance


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A limited selection of historical works showcased the affinities between 3-D and abstraction, extricating stereoscopic cinema from the seemingly never-ending debate over its realism (or lack thereof).
During this moribund period--at least in regards to theatrically released 3-D films--there were several notable advances in 3-D technology, even if it was reserved for theme park rides and large-format (e.
I like to make things kind of like you would see, or would like to see in the wild," said Scott Anstine, the club's 3-D coordinator, who set up the targets for the fun shoot.
Alison Griffiths' article, "Sensual Vision: 3-D, Medieval Art, and the Cinematic Imaginary," traces the contemporary 3-D experience to previous art works and modes of viewing/spectatorship and makes use of medieval visual theory and neuroesthetics in order to explain our ongoing fascination with the sensorial plentitude of 3-D.
Despite its shortcomings, the competitive aspects of 3-D do provide positive bowhunting reinforcement.
3-D actually predates cinema -- stereoscopic photography was developed in the mid 19th century -- but it fused only occasionally with motion pictures before the 1950s.
But it isn't alone in wanting to get out of the glasses biz: With 3-D attendance booming and disposable specs costing about 75 cents per pair, distribs and exhibs are haggling over millions of dollars in costs.
Delivering the keynote address at the March 30-April 2 event, 20th Century Fox co-chair Jim Gianopulos said he believes 3-D can add $1 billion in box office revenues annually.
That's because Robert Zemeckis' motion-capture epic is the first modern-day 3-D pic that's not just for kids, and rival studios are cautiously optimistic that this bodes well for their own 3-D plans in the next few years.
Digital Link is in discussions regarding securing per-film virtual print fees from feature film distributors - for both 3-D and non-3-D features - in order to reduce Digital Link's and the licensee's ultimate capital investment.
The future's so bright, you'll have to wear shades--or polarized lenses, to be precise--to appreciate the revolution in 3-D filmmaking.
OTCBB:SVSN) is pleased to report that by the end of the year, there will be 1000 Real D 3-D theatres (RealD.
As the first independent film company to produce and distribute a large-format 3-D film, nWave has effectively raised the bar on what is possible in this type of pic, having entered a field previously dominated by Imax and Sony Pictures Classics.
locations, National Amusements leaps ahead by installing REAL D Digital 3-D projection systems offering patrons the opportunity to enjoy the newest 3D technology for the March 30th opening of MEET THE ROBINSONS
Amex: BTN), a motion picture projection, digital cinema and specialty lighting equipment and services provider, announced today that Strong Digital Systems (SDS) and Strong Technical Services (STS) will provide and install 75 NEC STARUS[TM] NC2500S Digital Cinema projectors with REAL D 3-D technology to Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC).