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a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series)

100 at equal 1 kip in Laos

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9 million, proceeds it says it used as equity to acquire 286 and 290 Madison Avenue.
Scottrade is unique in the industry because it boasts very low commission rates while offering easily accessible, local branch office support of online trading in 286 locations nationwide.
Perl said 286 Madison Avenue also includes 47,000 s/f of air rights--just slightly less than the air rights APF is in the process of selling at 1156 Avenue of the Americas.
As REW exclusively reported on February 15, SL Green has entered into an agreement to sell 286 Madison Avenue and 290 Madison Avenue to Kenneth Aschendorf and Berndt Perl, of APF Properties, for a total of $63 million, or approximately $420 per square foot.
Contacts are Paul McGuinness (under-seven, under-eight, under-nine and under-10) on (0191) 286 2306 or 07749 296 281, Mark Winter (under-11) on (0191) 271 3001, Kevin McNamara (under-12) on 07962 226 602, Mick Gill (under-13) on (0191) 2866 310, Phil Carling (under-16) on (01670) 543 677 and Steve Wheatley (under-17) on (0191) 286 7946.
For Chelsea Rhodes, a 10-year-old junior Girl Scout from Troop 286, selling Girl Scouts cookies was a way to send a touch of home to the military.
For more information call (0191) 286 2077 or 286 0596.