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coming next after the twenty-fifth in position


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In the early spring of 1816, Galignani's Journal contained the following announcement in an interesting corner of the paper: "On the 26th of March--the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Crawley, of the Life Guards Green--of a son and heir.
Godfrey Ablewhite in view, all through the evening of the 26th, and was found in the bedroom
It was dated from Hampshire on the 25th of July, and it announced the journey of "Lady Glyde" to London on the 26th.
From the 26th to the 30th I worked very hard in carrying all my goods to my new habitation, though some part of the time it rained exceedingly hard.
a web development company formerly known as Interactive 8, has nearly tripled its space at 11 West 26th Street.
We even have more resources for the fiesta of the 26th.
Ernst, chairman and chief executive officer, will present at the William Blair & Company 26th Annual Growth Stock Conference at 4:20 p.
An executive board meeting, in which the committee's recommendations will be addressed and representatives from three management firms will make their case, is planned for August 26th at the Barlow Avenue Community Center.
Regardless of the breadth of privileges the 26th Amendment bestows on 18-year-olds, when the subject is drinking adulthood means being 21.
Nasdaq: BECN) (the "Company") announced today that Robert Buck, President & Chief Executive Officer, and David Grace, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, are scheduled to present at the 26th Annual Piper Jaffray Consumer Conference on Tuesday, June 6th at 3:00 p.
In other congressional races, veteran Congressman Howard Berman, D-Mission Hills, was coasting to an easy victory in the 26th District, while Henry Waxman, D-Los Angeles, was unopposed.
After 40 years on textile row on Fifth Avenue, Covington Fabrics is moving its offices and showrooms to the newly renovated Madison Square building at 15 East 26th Street.
Winners in 12 different awards categories will be named during a banquet hosted by the HROA(R) on Wednesday, April 26th as part of the NY HR Week and the 4th Annual HRO World Conference and Exhibition.
That's why we're probably seeing practically every vehicularrelated prospective tenant currently looking for large space in Manhattan," asserted Alvin Schwartz, executive vice president of Helmsley-Spear, which owns, leases and manages the 19-story, two million square foot block-long structure at 601 West 26th Street, overlooking the Hudson River waterfront.