22-karat gold

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an alloy that contains 87 per cent gold

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8221; The swans' beaks and decorative leaves surrounding the heart are dipped in 22-karat gold.
The coin is minted in four weights with 22-karat gold mined in the Americas.
SHOP Persimmon Intricately dyed silk scarves, 22-karat gold jewelry studded with gems, and lushly embroidered tunics, perfect for a premiere.
Darley Abbey's designer, Jane James, focused on the Regency era in England (about 1811-20) when creating the pattern, which combines a pale-green silk damasklike background with 22-karat gold accents.
The cocktail will be prepared by Master Mixologist Francesco Lafranconi with a delicious blend of Hennessy Timeless harmoniously combined with Grand Marnier 150th Anniversary liqueur, topped with the exclusive cuvee of Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1973 vintage, garnished with 22-karat gold leaves and stirred with a diamond swizzle stick.
Ornate gold necklaces, heavily engraved gold bangles and gold sovereigns -- eight grams of pure 22-karat gold -- dance across the television screen.
1) Pin/pendant of sterling silver, 22-karat gold, bone, abalone and aquamarine by Gail Goldin.
Summary: No making charges on dedicated 22-karat gold collection
9 per gram for 22-karat gold in September 2011, gold rates came down to OMR16.
Caption(s): Michael Wainwright hand-paints his ceramic dinnerware with platinum, right, and 22-karat gold, left.
After we left the seductively lit Roman pool, scuffing our heels over the inlaid 22-karat gold in the deck tiles, the passengers on the bus were silent on the way down the hill.
The gondola, the oldest object in the exhibition, is decorated with elaborately carved scenes including cherubs, angels and sea monsters and is covered with 22-karat gold leaf.
They prefer to buy 22-karat gold from either Singapore, Italy or Turkey.
The twelve shuttle coins are 22-karat gold versions of a new dollar coin, which is scheduled to be released into general circulation in 2000.