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If we run 20 ads a month and if we're able to charge somebody 15p (per user) then we're in the money,' he said.
Analyze 15 to 20 ads and honestly evaluate your ability to qualify for them.
Ford, Infiniti and BMW also earned spots on the Top 20 Ads of the Year list all by stressing messages of innovation.
Participants then were shown 20 still images selected from television ads for the top beer and spirit alcohol brands that aired on national television in the year before the survey as well as 20 ads for fast-food restaurants.
Hulu delivered the highest frequency of video ads to its viewers with an average of 43, while ESPN delivered an average of 20 ads per viewer.
Additional spots finishing within the top 20 ads were: Snickers "Logging" by BBDO, Chevy "Tommy/Silverado" by Goodby, Mercedes "Welcome" by Merkley + Partners, Cars.