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a college that offers only the first two years terminating in an associate degree

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Table 5 presents estimates of marginal effects from a multinomial logit equation where attending a 2-year college and attending a 4-year college are separate categories.
About 1 in 10 students who began in public 2-year colleges reported taking remedial reading courses in both cohorts.
For example, suppose we wish to calculate the equivalency of a 'B' grade received at a 2-year college and a 'B' received at MSU.
42 percent of students who start at a 2-year college will complete or transfer (compared to 14 percent).
Two-year college writing center directors, peer and professional tutors, and the writers who visit 2-year college writing centers are encouraged to present.
As recently as 2003, only 9 percent of police departments nationally required a 2-year college degree and 1 percent a 4-year degree.
Mother's educational level was made up of five categories (did not finish high school, graduated from high school, did not complete 2-year/4-year college, graduated from 2-year college, completed bachelor/graduate degrees).
In the budget revisions, he did not anticipate to backfill what was then a small shortfall of property tax revenue,'' said Michalowski, whose office oversees the state's 2-year college system.
Plans After High School Response FFA (1) Alger (2) 4-year College 62% 58% 2-Year College 14% 16% Tech School 10% 10% Get a Job 9% 29% Armed Forces 5% 8% Other 1% 32%
Of the assistance received from DBS, the most frequently reported types of assistance received were diagnosis and evaluation (28% for 2-year college and 22.
Many courses, however, would be taken at a 2-year college closer to home.
As long ago as 1964, the National Advisory Committee on the Junior College noted that "the 2-year college offers unparalleled promise for expanding educational opportunity through the provision of comprehensive programs embracing job training.
Strategy for Personal Finance is another in a long series of very low level texts aimed primarily at the 2-year college market for consumer economics and family management courses, as well as for continuing education or adult education programs.
Post-hoc analyses were conducted using Bonferroni's test, which showed that caregivers who had a high school diploma or lower were rated significantly lower on the Space and Furnishings and Learning Activities subscales and the composite score than those who had a 2-year college degree.
At the same time, the dramatic increase in open admissions policies, especially among 2-year colleges, has made a college education much more accessible.