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lacking the expected range or depth

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We seek a complete turn-key, stand-alone 2-dimensional X-ray diffraction device capable of high resolution measurements, including preventive yearly maintenance service for 5 years and optionally an unspecified number of repairs or exchanges of the anode unit and spare filaments for the x-ray source during a period of 5 years.
This 2-dimensional surface starts evolving according to the equations (1); we can consider it as a tracer in the flow field given by Eqs (1).
At present, 2-dimensional bar code scanner enterprises in China are mainly divided into three camps, namely Chinese Mainland enterprises (including Newland, INSPIRY, SUNLUX IOT, MINDEO, etc.
The expected independence of these 2 parameters suggested that if each system could resolve close to 100 proteins, the 2-dimensional system should approach 10 000, and that was what I strove to achieve.
Since the process of paraffinization and deparaffinization is crucial for all subsequent procedures targeting proteins (immunohistochemistry, Western blot, 2-dimensional electrophoresis), we doubt that this has been properly performed with the HOPE technique (by using acetone for paraffinization or isopropanol and 70% acetone for deparaffinization) in light of the comparably bad results shown here, especially in Figure 2.
He takes a quantum groups approach (rather than Chern-Simons field theory or 2-dimensional conformal field theory) in order to derive invariants of knots and 3-manifolds from algebraic objects which formalize the properties of modules over quantum groups at roots of unity.
3-D movies have higher data rate requirements than 2-dimensional movies since at least two images are needed for the spatial representation.
For users who are expanding to use with 2-dimensional barcodes, Intermec's area imager configuration is available.
This patent pending technology converts a single 2-dimensional (2D) image (like a passport photo) into a fully developed 3-dimensional (3D) model in just a few seconds.
EPROGEN has been established to commercialize Eichrom's newly developed proteomics technology that will significantly improve the characterization and 2-dimensional mapping of total proteins present in complex biological mixtures such as cell lines, tissues and sera.
Our technological process now can be utilized by the best creative minds in the marketing communications industry to achieve a 96% recall rate from viewers versus the standard 30% recall rate from flat 2-dimensional communications.
Users of qode-enabled camera cell phones or PDA's can click on 2-dimensional barcodes with their handset's camera, or enter a brand name, keyword or UPC digits in the qodewindow(TM) text bar to access multimedia information, request/receive coupons, tickets, samples, advertising and more, via the Mobile Internet.
Consumers simply use the camera application on their mobile phone or PDA to click on a 2-dimensional smartcode printed on the point-of-sale material, and they will be directly taken to the marketer's mobile Internet site.
The patterns are 2-dimensional, of course, and the results of the 1-dimensional analysis led to the question: is the 2-dimensional arrangement of the gilgais regular?
The combination of the signals received at the individual antennas will enable detailed 2-dimensional images to be formed.