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lacking the expected range or depth

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The aim of this study was to investigate the use of customized simulated mouth models improved identification and recording of dental restorations in first-year dental hygiene students when compared to the use of traditional didactic instruction and 2-dimensional images.
This 2-dimensional surface starts evolving according to the equations (1); we can consider it as a tracer in the flow field given by Eqs (1).
Briefly, the ink-jet printing technique uses a manufacturing method similar to 2-dimensional inkjet printers whereby it deposits liquid plastic resins in striated lines to create a single layer of 16 im or more.
For example, we take the following 2-dimensional points an embedded:
The 2-dimensional task scheduling algorithm (2-D) [21] determines the highest-priority task, using the same data structure OSUnMapTbl[256].
The expected independence of these 2 parameters suggested that if each system could resolve close to 100 proteins, the 2-dimensional system should approach 10 000, and that was what I strove to achieve.
Right now galleries across the globe are still using photo albums to display 2-dimensional images of their 3 dimensional artwork.
By using a match code to combine 2-dimensional codes with the EAN 13 code, the SICK solution enables food packing companies to ensure Right Product Right Carton".
In the early days of medical imaging radiologists were quite satisfied using 2-dimensional (2D) visualization based on 2D data acquisition of anatomical objects.
The company can produce any configuration and porting option on 2-Dimensional bags and 3-Dimensional bags starting at 20 Liters.
Due to 2-dimensional acting holding force, vibrations are minimized during machining.
According to DG3, the NFC is a type of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that can be embedded in 2-dimensional campaign materials such as posters, magazines, cards and signage, as well as in 3-dimensional items including wristbands, tokens and key fobs.
For example, a 2-dimensional simplex is a triangle.
The new capability will allow Magma's and GLOBALFOUNDRIES' mutual customers to significantly accelerate - up to 3 to 4 orders of magnitude - the identification of 2-dimensional (2D) yield detractors and complex manufacturing issues with comparable accuracy to full-chip lithography process simulations.
The KeyDot is a small, laser-etched, 2-dimensional Data Matrix barcode label that can be applied directly to an instrument's surface by hospital personnel.