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pronouns and verbs used to refer to the speaker or writer of the language in which they occur

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bar]h-am), this reanalysis, per se, might simply create a 1st person allomorph -t[a.
She insists that INC is not a 1st person, and she is right in a general way, but the range of this emphatic claim depends on the details.
The 3rd person singular form and the 1st person singular forms are homonymic; here only the 3rd person is referred to as in many cases a verb is never used in the 1st person form.
15) In the examples provided below, the aorist morpheme is not phonologically realized when it is followed by the 1st person singular marker (30a).
Also, the academic grammar of Lithuanian states that a wish originating from the 1st person, that is, the speaker, is softened by using the verbs noreti 'want', pageidauti 'desire', prasyti 'ask, request', patarti 'advise', and siuliti 'suggest' (DLKG 308).
Second, the [+/-dual] contrast is extended to 1st person plural forms as in (13):
Singular Plural 1st person - istu-ge-m 2nd person istu istu-ge 3rd person istu-gu istu-gu
Since TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter is using the most advanced 3D technology available, I believe that the game will not only appeal to the casual gaming market and the hunting enthusiast, but also attract fans of 1st person shooters and other hardcore gamers," said Steve Grossman, CEO of ASC Games.
changes from Libby, in the present [the only 1st person voice], to Ben and Patty, from the days before "that last summer before the end," and more specifically to The Day.
This is supported by the fact that an equivalent 1st person sentence (which would generally be insensitive to avoid ambiguity) would be also be ungrammatical:
direct imperative (= Estonian otsene imperatiiv) singular plural personal 1st person -- me kirjutagem 2nd person sa kirjuta 'write' te kirjutage 3rd person ta kirjutagu nad kirjutagu impersonal kirjutatagu mediated imperative (= Estonian vahendatud imperatiiv) singular plural personal 1st person ma kirjutagu 'I me kirjutagu shuold write' 2nd person sa kirjutagu te kirjutagu 3rd person ta kirjutagu nad kirjutagu
Departures from: 1st person 2nd person Total Price pays: pays: for Two: Los Angeles & San Francisco $874 $624 $1498 Chicago, New York, Dallas/Ft.
The person rules state that "the 1st person takes precedence over the 2nd person, and the 2nd over the 3rd" (Corbett 1983: 175-176).
the a-phrase duplicates the 1st person clitic, whereas in (40)