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a sergeant in the Army above the rank of staff sergeant and below master sergeant

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The sorting process mainly tests the soldier's basic knowledge of photography -- whether or not he understands the subject," 1st Sgt.
This took months of preparation, from the ground to the battalion commander," said 1st Sgt.
We do not set him aside or give him any special treatment," said 1st Sgt.
Bilal Mikati was given the death penalty for the execution of 1st Sgt.
After the judges evaluated the meals from all three teams, 1st Sgt.
Unit leadership began issuing notifications to Soldiers located throughout the state, including the 107th Mobile Public Affairs' top non-commissioned officer, 1st Sgt.
Less risk to move and detonate here than to move it," said 1st Sgt.
Standing in a small room in the Iraqi home they'd raided an hour earlier, a dozen soldiers from the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team of the Army's 3rd Infantry Division were trading jokes when 1st Sgt.
I took my calendars apart and hung them on my wall," said 1st Sgt.
He called every 10 days or two weeks,'' said Diane Larson, wife of Company B 1st Sgt.
Simmons worked as a college professor and author; and 1st Sgt.
A cake was presented carrying the unit's crest and "Dental Assistants Recognition Week" and was served by the CDR, 1st Sgt.
I think things are going very well, considering this is the first time for many of the soldiers" said 1184th 1st Sgt.