Gulf War

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a war fought between Iraq and a coalition led by the United States that freed Kuwait from Iraqi invaders

a dispute over control of the waterway between Iraq and Iran broke out into open fighting in 1980 and continued until 1988, when they accepted a UN cease-fire resolution

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Record briefly ponders whether the 1991 Iraq war constitutes a third seminal case that could serve as a historical marker, but then suggests not, because it did not entail "bloody and soul-searing foreign policy disasters.
The War Over Iraq erroneously claimed that the first Bush administration stopped short of regime change in the 1991 Iraq war because of our own vital interests.
The Government has has always denied that it exists, but now a senior Army doctor has reported that a former soldier fell ill after being given multiple inoculations before the 1991 Iraq war.
Violence in Turkey flared after the 1991 Iraq war and terrorists incidents in the country have increased threefold since the American-led invasion earlier this year, Cem said.
Traffic slumped after the 1991 Iraq war and the US slipped into recession, a position it is already in even before a new conflict commences, and the repeat of the 1973 oil crisis following any military action can't be ruled out.