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the decade from 1970 to 1979

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BY FOCUSING on human rights in the 1970s, this collection of essays attempts to address an imbalance in a scholarship often occupied with the more distant past.
The "glam rock" and "punk styles" of the era represented the rebellious style of the 1970s.
They have contributed to text panels which will guide visitors through the exhibition which occupies a large gallery at Leeds City Museum, The show, which runs until April 22 is packed with artefacts and images of the 1970s.
Recent years have witnessed a wave of books exploring the United States in the 1970s and clashes over the decade's legacy and significance have commenced.
the average feeding station has risen from 16 in the 1970s to 23 last winter.
Results from the BTO's garden bird feeding survey, which started in the winter of 1970/1971, reveal that the number of different birds visiting the average feeding station has risen from 16 in the 1970s to 23 last winter.
This Cleo double duvet cover, above left, from Linea by Collier Campbell gives a nod to 1970s funky florals.
9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ultimate Guide to Martial Arts Movies of the 1970s delivers more than 500 reviews from respected kung fu movies critic, Dr.
ARE you a graduate of the University of Leicester from the 1970s with whom we have lost touch?
We snack more often than we did 30 years ago, and we consume roughly twice as many calories as snacks than we did in the 1970s.
Editor Robert Shail channels Alan Lovell's late 1960s pronouncement of an "unknown" cinema in Britain (a counter-tradition astride the polite cinema of bourgeois respectability), suggesting that as a decade, films produced in the 1970s represent one of the last uncharted territories in the field (xi).
The percentage of juveniles (<1 year of age) for the 1970s sample (69%) differed significantly from that of the 1990s sample (46%).
A cheerful story about a hip teenager from our times who somehow is caught in a time warp and ends up living in a typical family in the 1970s.
By the early 1970s it was all accountants and business suits that cared only if the music sold as a product.
Perhaps it's because Adams has written her book for a lay or non-Anglican audience, but she does not really attempt to connect the current crisis with much of anything in the church's past, other than (misleadingly) the 1970s fight over ordination of women and prayerbook revision, which split Anglo-Catholics and Anglo-evangelicals into "conservative" and "liberal" camps.