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the decade from 1890 to 1899

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In the 1890's Winchester began transitioning to smokeless powders and jacketed bullets.
His concept of "sea power", the idea that the nations with greater naval power would exert more influence upon the world and upon history, directly affected the strategic thinking of countries worldwide, sparking a European naval arms race in the 1890's (the U.
Twenty-one suggested activities, such as drawing a "Gibson Girl" like 1890's pop artist Charles Dana Gibson used to create to illustrate New York magazines, or pretending to be an urban planner and lay out a city with construction paper and curling ribbon, pepper New York City History for Kids.
The consensus, in other words, seemed to be that there would be nothing in the next 20 years as transformative as Alfred Marshall's synthesis of the 1890's or the revolution initiated by John Maynard Keynes in the 1930's.
Part of a series showcasing vintage photos of American towns or attractions, this text presents the history of Carlsbad, New Mexico from its origins in the 1890's as a ranching and farming community through its many faces to the present day as a nuclear storage hub and tourist stop on the way to the caverns.
The first recorded format war was for control of the US electricity market in the 1890's.
Newcastle United fans are paranoid about winning absolutely nothing since 1969, Sunderland are hung up about living in Newcastle's shadow, and Middlesbrough don't really expect to win anything, which isn't quite true because they did claim the League Cup in 2004, the Anglo-Scottish Cup in 1976, and two amateur cups in the 1890's.
Instead policy makers could learn from Snowdonia 1890's emphasis on self-sufficiency, community support and respect for nature.
Originally designed by the same manufacturer in 1849 duffel coats were initially designed in the 1890's to keep sailors warm whilst allowing for flexibility of movement.
The other is set in the 1890's around Albany, but I've still got an awful lot of research to do on that one, including learning how to ride a horse.
The collection of hand-made, hand-stuffed animals charts the history of the popular toy company from it's early days in 1890's right up to the 1970's.
Originating in South Africa, the commercial breeding and growing of these magnificent flowers started in the UK in the 1890's.
This is truly an intimate tour through three eras of Texas history, the Civil War, the fading memory of the 1890's and current importance of the memorials.
PIONEERING PHOTOGRAPHER, book publisher, and friend to a generation of artists and writers beginning in the 1890's, F.