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the decade from 1860 to 1869

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The fine state of the abbey interior is largely due to the Victorian architect and designer William Burges, who was in charge of restorations during the 1860s and 1870s.
When Mabel took to the water we believe that was the first time there has been a competitive rowing boat on the river since the 1860s.
the camp teaches girls etiquette, penmanship, art, music, dance and the social graces necessary to be a proper young lady of the 1860s.
The period from the 1860s was one of rapid change in the city.
The very last of them passed away in the late 1860s and they had passed one-hundred years of age.
Derby Day - a 'Victorian Mystery' as the cover proclaims - is set in the 1860s and is about a "sporting gentleman" called Happerton who has the outside appearance of a dashing, decent man about town, but on the inside is something of a rogue.
It sheds light on the world's first vibrant football culture - that of Sheffield in the 1860s.
Their design is inspired by a watch made by Constant Girard-Perregaux in the 1860s.
He learned to read by paraffin lantern, remembers his grandfather telling him about fighting in the 1860s US Civil War, and cast his first presidential ballot for Woodrow Wilson.
The club, formed in the 1860s, bought two four-person boats, known as quads, and a coxed eight - a boat for eight rowers and a cox.
Into this storybook broth arrives Tom Bedlam, a rollicking yarn about a man born to the slums of 1860s London, but desperate to escape.
So far, articles have been promised on a range of topics, including: The Tasmanian economy in the depression of the 1860s and 1870s; Convict labour; Migrants in the labour market after the Second World War; Why so little economic history has been written; Unions at the Electrolytic Zinc Works; and Gunn's timber company.
Its bubbling springs drew the first Mormon settlers in the 1860s and Native Americans long before them; now its 180 acres of interactive museums, botanical gardens, and wetland habitat provide a respite from the Strip.
Dramatic, whimsical and packed with lively humour, this is a story revolving around Tom Bedlam, who grows up fatherless and poor in South London in the 1860s.
Dating back to the 1860s, the five-bedroom detached property has mature gardens and is in the conservation area of old Birtley Village.