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the decade from 1850 to 1859

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By shifting the emphasis away from Prussia and focusing her compamtive analysis on the period of the 1850s and 1860s, she demonstrates how the mid-sized German states sought support from their citizens in policies involving railway construction, an official press, primary and secondary schooling, and cultural institutions like museums and historical societies.
In the 1850s, a fugitive slave named Hannah Crafts penned the account of a young woman's life in slavery and her escape to the North.
He made the calculation from population trends since records showed that 200,000 Irish immigrants had arrived in Scotland by the 1850s.
John Beasley Greene, one of the most important photographers in Egypt during the 1850s, records historical monuments bathed in a delicate golden hue emerging from the horizon like magical shimmering apparitions.
What began as a union of two family cooperages during the 1850s has become one of the world's largest, and most prestigious, quality oak barrel makers, selling to wineries throughout the world.
Mr Davis wrote Starving in Bedworth - Will Not Pay the Loan, a factual account of the town's ribbon weavers who left the area in the 1850s to start new lives in Australia.
The Glenavon Special Liquer Whisky was distilled and bottled in Ballindalloch in Banffshire, Scotland, in the 1850s but no one knows how it came to be in Ireland.
DISEASES like scarlet fever and diptheria, quarry accidents, disastrous hygiene and a poor diet were common hazards of life in North Wales in the 1850s.
The antebellum southern view of the South as a beleaguered bastion of gentility threatened by outsiders whose intent was to strip white southern men of their manhood hindered rational discourse on the subject of slavery and its expansion into the territories by the 1850s.
Santa Barbara Island has none, while Anacapa has been, well, crawling with the beasts ever since they first arrived, uninvited, in the 1850s.
The Passionists have been working in Scotland since the 1850s and their work includes preaching and hosting retreats.
I begin to offer groundwork that shows that Webb was defining and revising a Black aesthetic in his writing and, more importantly, that he was living that aesthetic--attempting to build a business and work within a frame of "racial uplift" in the 1840s, working wi th Harriet Beecher Stowe and then setting aside Stowe in favor of British abolitionists in the 1850s, considering a kind of "colonization" in Jamaica at the end of the 1850s, leaving Jamaica to return to the U.
When in the 1850s, St Patrick's Cathedral close to the opposite end of Collins Street was redesigned by William Wardell, the church authorities had decided that the building which it was to replace may have been sufficient for a provincial town, but was 'entirely inadequate as a cathedral for the most thriving city of Australia'.
The collection contains many rare images of old Warwickshire dating back to the 1850s.
The It Ain't Over Till It's Over star, 40, fell in love with the Brazilian hotspot during a recent tour and is said to have paid close to seven figures for an 1850s mansion.