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the decade from 1830 to 1839

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Try training as a young person in the 1830s and learn the discipline, drills, target practice, arms, clothing and personal equipment that were required.
This working-class movement of the 1830s soon turned nasty and it was reported that masterworkmen of Birmingham were making pikes which were sold to fellow agitators for 1s 8p each or 2s 6p polished.
Although set in 1830s Russia, the theme of insanity and politics still lives on today, which so many audiences will find fascinating.
Elizabeth Regiment, which was stationed in Jamaica in the 1830s.
Today's modern reproductions of famous sixguns, and their evolution from the first cap-and-ball revolvers of the 1830s to the metallic cartridge firing models of the 1870s and 1880 are presented in eight fact-filled chapters with extensive photography.
As an Anglican priest, Newman led the Oxford movement in the 1830s to draw Anglicans to their Catholic roots.
A letter from the 1830s, when the burial mound was destroyed, recalled: ".
Also in your article of May 22, "Wall Has Place in Neil's Heart", you rightly say that the preservation of much of Hadrian's Wall remains is down to John Clayton "town clerk of Newcastle in the 1830s who strove to preserve the wall after a visit".
The drink in its original form was invented in the 1830s by pharmacist Antoine Amedee Peychaud, who fled Haiti and opened an apothecary in the French Quarter.
The film is set in the 1830s, during the early years of Victoria's reign, and reportedly depicts her as a vibrant and sexual young woman, focusing on her budding romance with Prince Albert and their marriage.
Letters from the 1830s to the 1850s include the description of an election rally for Franklin Pierce, the only New Hampshire to serve as president No letters of Jane to her husband are known to have survived.
Here are the social and political disputes which have taken place from the 1830s to modern times, with central themes and relationships including questions on the types of art appropriate for a democratic society, and how to asses and possibly regulate its appearance.
One of the most interesting observations is that at one time they were on the same side in the Black Hawk War of the 1830s.
Michael Kammen's Visual Shock (Knopf) recounts America's major art controversies since the 1830s.
At the outset he judiciously reminds us that German identity was repeatedly broken on the rock of religious, class, and political division since German immigration in the 1830s until the end of the Second World War and subsequent revelations about the Holocaust.