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the decade from 1820 to 1829

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Also, as her accounts suggest, what is distinctive about 1820s spectral melodrama is its use of enhanced spectacular stagecraft to offer a figuration of reality in competition with that of more conventionally realistic forms such as domestic and nautical melodrama.
WOW FACTOR Castle Hills House was extended in the 1820s from the original tower
However, his impulse to travel for his art is explained in relation to the ways in which, from the 1820s to the last decades of the century, artists left their homes in order to seek the colours and sounds of a real or imaginary Orient, thus setting up parallels between reality and the exotic of the untamed.
The last time had been in the early 1820s, years before airplane travel dominated the world.
Over the weekend, from Friday until Tuesday May 4, classical musicians will play at various venues in the town, playing music from the 1820s to 50s era.
That's why in the 1820s Bank of England chiefs allowed us THIRTYTHREE official holidays.
The half-mile fissure, which last erupted in the 1820s, is beside the Eyjafjallajokull glacier.
This meeting also saw the launch of the 72-page booklet Huddersfield In The 1820s, reviewed on this page.
THE STORY In 1820s London Ar t hur Clenman (Matthew Macfadyen) finds himself involved with the fortunes of the Dorrit family, caught in a spiral of debt.
The engravings on the tombs tell part of the history of the Armenians who settled in Singapore in the 1820s.
The development centres on the restoration and conversion of Straits House, the original property on the site, which dates from the 1820s.
Texas Rangers: Legendary Lawmen is an amazing children's picturebook about the legendary Texas Rangers, lawmen who worked to protect fellow citizens from the hazards of frontier life in the 1820s.
From Ecuador's struggle for independence in the 1820s and 30s to modern times, USEFUL STRANGERS charts changing relationships between the countries, and how U.
Natchez is the focus of David Libby's story and from the time of Native American occupation, from one group of which it took its name, until the 1820s it had a preeminent place in the Mississippi Valley.
Beamish in County Durham has created the 1820s landscape with the help of funding from the County Durham Environmental Trust.