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the revolution in France against the Bourbons

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Ever since the 1789 revolution the people have had a fervour for playing their part.
A Tale of Two Cities contrasts the glories of the 1789 revolution, the joy of the storming of the Bastille and the glorious overthrowing of hated oppressors with the gruesome atrocities of what followed, the frightening power of the mob, the horror of madame la guillotine.
We are for liberty, equality and fraternity," he said, referring to the principles that most people view has having come out of the 1789 revolution in France, the country that used to be Tunisia's former colonial master and whose political philosophies pervade so much of Tunisian society.
Paris The French may have been a bit hard on their royals during the 1789 revolution, but it must be admitted they haven't forgotten how to give a right royal treatment to people who demand -- and pay -- for it today.
Two years in the making, "Louis XIV, the Man and the King" brings together 300 pieces, some of which have not been shown in France since the 1789 Revolution.
The chief executive needs the vision, confidence and sense of urgency of what's at stake to let it be known that opposition to the reform program will not be tolerated in the organization generally agree that had the reforms been enacted the court's finances would have had a good shot at regaining equilibrium and maybe the country would have avoided the bloodbath of the 1789 Revolution and subsequent Terror.
The philosophers who were the intellectual fathers of the 1789 revolution longed not for democracy, but for enlightened despotism, which is what many French still look for when they elect a president.