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the decade from 1770 to 1779

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However, if such were Reynolds' or his patrons' intentions in the 1770s, I'm afraid that the display at the Wallace Collection will see them being flouted unashamedly.
Schumacher-Hardy said, referring to Neil Gustafson's portrayal of the 1770s printer and patriot based in Worcester.
In the 1770s Boulton introduced an insurance system for his workers that served as the model for later schemes, allowing his workers compensation in the event of injury or illness - the first of its kind in any large establishment.
James Sidbury's Becoming African in America explores the articulation of an African identity in the black Atlantic from the 1770s to the 1820s.
Over the past decade scholars have paid increasing attention to the influence of opera on Haydn's conception of instrumental music, and Haimo's essay amply demonstrates that we cannot hope to understand the remarkable changes Haydn's style underwent in the 1770s without closely examining the operas to which he was exposed on a regular basis.
The 1760s and 1770s witnessed coercive campaigns in the Commonwealth by both Uniates and Polish authorities, and Orthodox with Russian backing, to force Orthodox into the Unia and vice versa.
It gives a snapshot of what life was like in the 1770s and offers some clues about what might have inspired his young mind.
The book also details the history of many deep-sky objects' discoveries, starting with observations made by Charles Messier in the late 1770s.
And he should question invoking the 1770s before we've even begun to parse the 1970s.
And then there are the moments, admittedly rare, when Reed sinks to plain old eye-for-an-eye: "Kevin Phillips, in The Cousins' War, refers to a back-country South Carolina population of Scots-Irish of the 1770s that was devoted to `loose hogs, lewd women, and drunken lay-ahouts, something that contemporary Scots-Irish think tank wonks and op-ed columnists might consider when writing yet another article or study that goes after welfare mothers.
Publications of this and other societies describe Haitian epidemics in the early 1770s, but none mention the 1770 outbreak.
The rococo pattern that inspired Feather Edge dates from the early 1770s.
It's been a hotel since the 1770s, but was a coaching inn before that - possibly even as far back as the 14th century.
The Royal Society of Arts was founded in London in the middle of the eighteenth century as the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and by the early 1770s, the Society was rich enough to commission a chunk of the Adam brothers' Adelphi development as its headquarters.
Gold was discovered in the region in the 1770s and the biggest nugget found there, 22oz, is in a Dublin museum.