White House

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the chief executive department of the United States government


the government building that serves as the residence and office of the President of the United States

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doesn't think it really matters which candidate gets that mail at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
As a result of the agreement, any eligible voter -- including President Clinton leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
In that brief campaign speech, he seemed to be drawing a distinction between his way of doing things and that of the most serious obstacle to him moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
A package containing a variety of Campbell's pea soups -- including its new Healthy Request ready-to-serve split pea soup that is low in cholesterol, is 98 percent fat free and has 1/3 less salt as well as its Low Sodium soup -- was sent to the Executive Residence of the White House located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Casey will speak Wednesday, June 10, at the grand opening of the DynCorp Remote Encoding Facility, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
In reality, Americans love soap opera - and the Bill and Monica story is pure ``Melrose Place'' set at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
One last thought: Now that the speaker has seen fit to reimburse the government for costs incurred due to his negligence, how about your asking the current residents at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
A look at their tax returns shows that 1996 was a pretty good year for the people living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
As a result, some cabinet departments would work hard to discount whatever good stories they did have to tell, indicating to the White House that their press conference later in the day would not be a big deal and that the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Direct letters of concern to President Clinton, the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
If you selected the Connecticut Texan occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
The world's most famous residence, first occupied in 1800 by John Adams, our second president, is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
What You Can Do: Write President Clinton, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
York County -- $900,000 to Birchwood Properties, York City Industrial Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Anyone interested in helping the president name his pooch can write him at: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.