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Synonyms for electrocardiograph

medical instrument that records electric currents associated with contractions of the heart

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Quality and accuracy of the mobile ECG solution CardioSecur has been validated in a clinical study against standard of care 10 electrode, 12-lead ECG systems and shows 99.
A cardiologist read the results; patients with suspected new atrial fibrillation were referred to general practitioners for conventional 12-lead ECG.
The handheld device conveniently records and wirelessly transmits information sufficient to reconstruct a full 12-lead ECG.
The hypothesis was that SA-ECG parameters can be predicted from 12-lead ECG variables in post-infarction heart failure patients.
The basic 12-lead ECG, in some form, will continue to be of significant diagnostic value for the foreseeable future.
We also agree that there are numerous characteristics of ventricular tachycardia easily applied to a resting 12-lead ECG (eg, QRS axis).
The traditional method included a self-study module, a brief lecture and demonstration by an instructor, and hands-on experience using a plastic manikin and a real 12-lead ECG machine in the learning laboratory.
The 12-lead ECG machines will replace the standard three-lead version in the Mersey service's 100 ambulances.
The 12-lead ECG machines will replace the standard three lead version in the Mersey service's 100 ambulances.
The decision to treat will be in the hands of a medical control physician at the hospital, who will have examined a 12-lead ECG obtained in the field and transmitted by paramedics.
The study included 109 patients (70 sinus rhythm and 39 AF) who had single-lead ECGs recorded with the AliveCor Heart Monitor before a 12-lead ECG had been performed, in order to develop the optimized algorithm.
Thus, 3-6 lead and 12-lead ECG device segments will grow at higher CAGRs than single-lead ECG devices.
The ECG obtained with the smart-phone has the same quality as a 12-lead ECG obtained with state-of-the-art equipment in the clinic, he said.
It then outlines recognizing types of arrhythmias and atrioventricular blocks, with information on pathophysiology, causes, symptoms, and interventions; the effects of electrolyte imbalances and drugs; treatments; and 12-lead ECG and disorders it diagnoses.
Patients without ST-elevation on standard 12-lead ECG were selected and evaluated for isolated right-sided ST-elevation.