February 12

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the day on which President Abraham Lincoln is remembered

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shares on 12 February 2015, the Company has 26,229,268 ordinary shares
Hamdiya al-Husseini, an official with the Independent High Electoral Commission said that the start of the election campaigning has been postponed from 7 February to 12 February.
As of 12 February, 2008 2,759,360,000 "B" Shares of Royal Dutch Shell plc were in issue.
fair value basis: Including current period revenue to 12 February 2015
Last date for Submission: 12 February 2015 Upto1500 Hrs
The new flights will include daily international service to Toronto, Canada from 26 April, as well as three daily flights to Chicago-Midway from 24 May, two daily flights to Washington-Dulles from 12 April and a daily service to Dayton, Ohio from 12 February.
Interested parties can pre-register for the call beginning on 12 February 2003.
Healthcare Trust PLC at the close of business on 12 February 2014 was
Mining Trust plc at close of business on 12 February 2014 were: 494.
The estimated un-audited net asset value, calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Association of Investment Companies, for Worldwide Healthcare Trust PLC at the close of business on 12 February 2013 was 993.
It is announced that at the close of business on 12 February 2013, the
Auto Business News - 12 February 2009(c)2005 - Electronic News Publishing - http://www.
Opening Date: 12 February 2015 AtCWE AF SECUNDERABAD
As at 12 February 2013 Fidelity European Values PLC's issued share capital consists of 43,023,610 ordinary shares with voting rights.
As at 12 February 2013, further to the redemption and Compulsory