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(formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school

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Meanwhile, along at the secondary modern school, a lot of very able and intelligent girls who hadn't made it through the 11-plus were regarded there as high-fliers, and regularly out-performed our B streamers, achieving seven or eight O-levels.
Grammar schools might work in our large cities, but most certainly not in rural areas without other outlets for those who fail the 11-plus.
I was genuinely pleased that many of my primary school classmates passed the 11-plus and gained access to a local grammar school.
In the early 1960s, a headmaster told my mother it was not what you did on the day of the 11-plus that counted, but what the teachers thought of a particular pupil.
Margaret Thatcher was a supporter of grammar schools but had recognised that the 11-plus had probably lost the Tory party the 1964 General Election and Bradford became the first English City to abolish selection at 11-plus for its maintained schools.
Supporters argue that grammars increase life chances for workingclass children who pass the 11-plus.
The 11-plus was an unfair and unreliable indicator of future achievement.
There are two unofficial replacement systems for the 11-plus in operation.
A terrible shame and, incidentally, even 11-plus failures had a chance of redemption at 13-plus to join us at the grammar school, which recognised that not all pupils develop at the same age.
That proved there was no appetite to scrap the 11-plus, he added, despite his recent revelation that he was "bitter about selection".
That proved there was no appetite to scrap the 11-plus, the Education Secretary added, despite his recent revelation that he was "bitter about selection".
Langerbrugge's machine--the world's largest, with its 11-plus meter wire width and design speed of 2000 meters/min--was started up after a March 2005 rebuild.
Steiner's new partnership with Rick Monday - who went from solo play- by-play responsibilities for the past 11-plus seasons to radio analyst from the fourth to the ninth inning - has been seemingly seamless.
During his 11-plus years as artistic director of New York City's Public Theater, Wolfe first commissioned Lackawanna as a one-man show by actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who also happens to be Nanny's real-life surrogate son.
MORE than 16,000 schoolchildren in Northern Ireland received the results of the 11-plus yesterday.