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(formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school

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Ken Ellis also says that perhaps 11-plus failures "were not as clever as he and they imagined".
There are two unofficial replacement systems for the 11-plus in operation.
Now, in the absence of both the old 11-plus and a seamless transition into secondlevel education, parents and teachers and children face even more stressful tests that actually block their real education.
A terrible shame and, incidentally, even 11-plus failures had a chance of redemption at 13-plus to join us at the grammar school, which recognised that not all pupils develop at the same age.
We now realise that the comprehensive system she set up to replace the 11-plus let down a greater number of youngsters than those either side of that small group in the middle.
Critics say selection at 11 is divisive, and unfairly damage the prospects of those who fails the 11-plus - leading to a waste of talent.
The man behind the plan, Lord Baker, who was education secretary in Margaret Thatcher's government, believes it was a "mistake" in the 1960s to axe technical "secondary modern" schools - which offered work-based skills such as engineering to children who failed 11-plus exams, aged 11.
As for the old chestnuts trotted out by Mr King about the 11-plus exam, two facts need to be pointed out: 1) It was not the privileged middleclasses who made tuition for the 11-plus necessary but the socialist reformers themselves.
That proved there was no appetite to scrap the 11-plus, the Education Secretary added, despite his recent revelation that he was "bitter about selection".
That proved there was no appetite to scrap the 11-plus, he added, despite his recent revelation that he was "bitter about selection".
Langerbrugge's machine--the world's largest, with its 11-plus meter wire width and design speed of 2000 meters/min--was started up after a March 2005 rebuild.
Steiner's new partnership with Rick Monday - who went from solo play- by-play responsibilities for the past 11-plus seasons to radio analyst from the fourth to the ninth inning - has been seemingly seamless.
During his 11-plus years as artistic director of New York City's Public Theater, Wolfe first commissioned Lackawanna as a one-man show by actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who also happens to be Nanny's real-life surrogate son.
MORE than 16,000 schoolchildren in Northern Ireland received the results of the 11-plus yesterday.
THE president of Britain's largest teaching union last night described how humiliated she had felt at having failed the 11-plus, Lesley Auger told the National Union of Teachers conference in Harrogate that the selection issue was 'particularly dear to my heart' because of her own childhood experience.