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a charge of ammunition for a single shot

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Amazing 1-Shot uses a revolutionary packaging system from Europe that is gaining global popularity.
I've taken 24 Texas whitetails and an Idaho cougar all with 1-shot kills using this load.
Med-Design recently announced the release of its first gross margin revenue product, the 1-Shot Safety Dental Syringe, which will be exclusively distributed worldwide by Sultan Chemists (Englewood, NJ), a leader in the field of infection control and oral therapeutics.
it has produced spectacular 1-shot kills on deer, bear and javelina thus proving the effectiveness of small high-velocity bullets on large game in the hands of skilled riflemen.
The Sinarback can be used to photograph moving subjects in the 1-shot mode, and stationary subjects in the 4-shot mode, for perfect color rendition.
Hunting partner Wayne van Zwoll and I both had 1-shot kills on broadside shots at close range (both at 60 yards) and in both cases the bullets exited.
264-inch bullet kills all out of proportion to its paper ballistics, with this combination giving me 24 straight 1-shot kills on everything from aoudad to zebra and such things as Colorado mule deer in between.
Stephanie had a string--if I recall right--of 18 1-shot kills, mainly with a Frank Wells custom 6mm/222 loaded to achieve .
I have the utmost confidence in this single-shot which only knows how to perform 1-shot kills.
Arriving on duty, we were issued Springfield M14s, M60 machine guns, 40mm grenade launchers and telescoping, 1-shot, 66mm M72 rocket launchers.
Other than that, the longest shot attempted on an unwounded pronghorn was around 450 yards, a 1-shot kill by my wife Eileen.
It's filled the pot quite a few times on one of my 5-minute, 1-shot hunts.
It has a 1-shot zeroing system so amino is not wasted when sighting in scopes.
made a lot of 1-shot kills on running game with that rifle.
Things definitely change and most hunters strive for 1-shot kills these days and it's a rare hunter with an antelope tag who would go forth with an iron-sighted .