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Synonyms for 1

the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number

used of a single unit or thing


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5-inch Cubot Zorro 001 supports the most advanced FDD-LTE, GSM and WCDMA network.
A press conference took place in Cairo recently and was attended by Frederick Sischller, Rotana Studios chairman, Ayman Halawani, the general director of Rotana Film, Nabil Farouq, the author of the Agent 001 novels, and scriptwriter Mohammed Hefzi.
A star to play Agent 001 has not been named, but Farouq hinted that he would like to see a new face.
Though temperature stability tests have not been done, Seltzman suspects that, like aspartame, 001 would not hold up in cooking, even though "it should be more stable than aspartame in hot drinks, like coffee.
When our CCSS Supply system gets a Priority 02/RDD 001 requisition, CCSS shows that the requisitioned item is not needed until Jan 1, 2005.
Units could be hurting their supply availability when they think that RDD 001 is a high priority designator.
com; 001 775 348 8264) a budget eatery famous for its quirky comfort food.
EXC 001 or placebo was administered intradermally in 21 subjects who were undergoing elective revision of hypertrophic scars of the breast.
The data from this study clearly demonstrate that EXC 001 is effective in the amelioration of hypertrophic scars in these high risk patients.
6 million could be paid to Isis upon achievement of various milestones associated with the clinical and commercial progress of EXC 001.
Our partnership with Excaliard and their development of EXC 001 is the most recent example of the success of this strategy," said B.
EXC 001 is a new generation antisense medicine that may interrupt the process of fibrosis by inhibiting a growth factor.
We are delighted with these results from our Phase 2 study indicating a strong efficacy signal from EXC 001 delivered locally with multiple parameters of skin scarring significantly improved by treatment with EXC 001.
EXC 001 is a second generation antisense medicine that may inhibit the process of fibrosis by inhibiting a growth factor.