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of or relating to the bore of a gun (or its ammunition) that measures twenty-two hundredths of an inch in diameter

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But I'm going to hand the golden crown to Daisy for having produced and commercially introduced the first, modern American sporting rifle firing truly caseless .
Thanks to those "pig nose" baffles, the 117- to 118-decibel rating makes it so quiet to shoot that ear protection isn't necessary and you can hear the little .
The single-shot weapon folds in half for easy carrying, and features both a .
Breakthrough[R] Clean's custom-designed Long Gun Operator's Cleaning Kit--Universal (LOC-U) has all the components necessary to effectively clean and maintain your firearms ranging from .
Portland police said O'Dea was on vacation when he fired his .
22-caliber, from light to heavy pellets, but all my .
The husband ran upstairs and grabbed his bolt-action .
He knew she was a cop before he killed her," Connolly told jurors as the trial's penalty phase began April 25, referring to Gonzales seeing Rosa's badge before firing two shots from a .
Roughly a three-quarter-scale version of the P99, the .
According to Holanday, police officers seized from Manzano a .
Teal then agreed to be searched and officers say they found a third knife and a .
Spencer, who had been leaning out the back window, pulling himself back into the vehicle with a .
This time would be different, as he armed himself with his .
Then we shoot rimfires--an SE-W rifle and pistol, plus a .