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the decade from 1990 to 1999

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Stephen Green said his company will focus its energy's "on improving, revitalizing and repositioning the IDCNY for the '90's.
Tracy notes that investors who expect the trend created in the '90's, of around 18.
I had the honor of recruiting Benjamin Spock to Parenting magazine in the early '90's," said Markus.
Rimes has established herself as one of the leading singers of the '90's since bursting onto the music scene in 1996, with her multi-platinum debut Curb release, "Blue.
From the newbie investor dabbling in the '90's bull market for the first time to seasoned professionals looking for that morsel of information that gives them the edge, Stock Up's got it all.
I look forward to continuing in the Motown style of developing entertainment that captures a contemporary urban lifestyle, to re-establishing some of the great Motown traditions like soul music and black glamour and to further defining Motown as one of the premier entertainment companies of the '90's.
Backpacks have become the lunchbox of the '90's," Konarski said.